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We have the distinct privilege of doing what we love for a living and collaborating with amazing people to tell stories that matter. Our passion for filmmaking shines though on every wedding project we take on, and we choose projects carefully to ensure we’re as invested as the couples we work with— because we need to believe in each other! When you work with Capture the Moment, you have access to an award-winning filmmaking team with over 10 years experience as wedding videographers. Pick our brains at any time, and allow us to guide you through the process of creating a wedding film in a way that’s engaging, personal, and a whole lot of fun.

VIDEOS Inspired by you

Our greatest inspiration comes from you—your story, your relationship, your friends, your family, and what makes you,! Our couples are authentic, vulnerable and have adventurous hearts (just like us). We’ve been wedding videographers at events of all sizes, from celebrity weddings shot in secret locations, to private elopements where we literally have to sign the registry, but the most important thing for us is telling an authentic story for clients we LOVE.

What’s most important to us is working with honest people who are comfortable being themselves.  Looking to you for inspiration brings out our best, and allows us to tell an honest, heartwarming story that does so much more than simply document the most personal day of your life.

Mat and his team made us feel like they were only catering to us. They took the time to meet up with us whenever we needed and kept us in the loop with any ideas floating through their creative minds. On the day they seamlessly fit in with all our friends and family, while also making it feel like they weren’t there when it was time to film. Our finished video is something we will always cherish,


Why should we choose Capture The Moment Media?

It’s easy to follow traditional video production techniques for your wedding video, but we approach things differently. You’re a unique couple with a unique story of how you met, and your video should reflect that. We use every piece of equipment with purpose, whether it’s a steadycam, slider, or special lens. We don’t just point and shoot.

Our wedding videos are narrative driven and we take the time to find out what makes your relationship unique. These moments are often found in the speeches, or the card reads, or when the bride and groom are getting ready and looking back on how they met. Our style is always candid, colourful, and intended to evoke memories and emotions. The narrative is what ties the entire video together.

Why is a wedding video important?

A wedding video let’s you revisit your entire relationship up until that point in time. It has the power to feature the most important people in your life all together at a once in a life time event. It’s something you can share with friends and family that weren’t able to attend, and it is something to share with your future family years down the road.

Who are your ideal clients?

Our ideal clients are fun, creative, and energetic. We like filming with couples that are comfortable around us and trust us to create great work, to the point we can even interact like old friends. We are always really honoured to be invited to film and be a part of such a special moment in your life. We have years of experience as wedding videographers in Vancouver and Victoria, filming Western weddings, South Asian weddings, Indian weddings, big weddings, small weddings, celebrity weddings, you name it. If you’re excited to share your story and want to work with some cool, creative people to make it happen—we’re your guys.

How do I schedule a video consultation?

Send us an email at or call us directly at the studio at (604) 283-4337 to book a time to chat with our film team. We are always happy to answer questions over the phone or meet with you in person so we can get to know each other and find out what you are looking for in your wedding video.

Do you do same-day or next-day edits?

A quality wedding video takes time. It can be a lot of fun to share a same-day or next-day edit with your guests at the wedding, but we prefer to have more time to create the best quality product out there. Depending on the request, and our availability, we can occasionally accommodate same-day or next-day edits.

Do you offer photography?

No. The skill set for a great photographer and a great filmmaker or videographer are completely different. It would be unusual to be amazing at both, so we stick to filmmaking which we already know and love. We have a great list of photographers that we love working with and refer to on a regular basis.

When can I expect the final video?

It will generally take 1-3 months to deliver the final video(s), which is quicker than industry standards. During peak season we try to be out filming as much as possible. That said, our turn around time is always becoming more and more efficient. Our main goal is to ensure we are delivering you the best video possible.

What kinds of payments do you accept?

We require a 50% deposit for all bookings to hold your date. This deposit is non-refundable. The remaining amount is due in full on or before the wedding day. We accept cash, cheque, e-transfer or credit cards (note: credit card transactions are subject to a 3% fee).

How do you select the music for our film?

Sound production is just as important to a story as visuals, that’s why we spend time finding music that will add relevance to your wedding film, rather than overwhelm it. Simple sounds and dialogue can also add meaningful elements to the story. We’re careful to license our soundtracks to support contributing musicians.



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